Closet Accessories


Looking to create your own closet? Choose from clothes racks, hangers and jewelry trays to store clothes and accessories with care. Find the perfect shoe rack for easy access to your collection. Drawer organizers, lined bins and shelf organizers keep closet clutter at bay.

Belt Rack

Tie & Belt rack hook for storing and organizing your ties, belts, scarves and jewelry. Can be installed on a wall or inside a cabinet.

Confidential Box

Keep your valuable things safe with our confidential box installed in cupboard/wardrobe for storage.

Ironing Board

Enjoy the fun of ironing clothes with our retractable and foldable ironing board.

Pants Rack

There is no need to leave clothes on a messy of wardrobe anymore. Efficiently organize space inside wardrobes and dressing rooms.

Pull Down Organizer

Have you ever worried that long dress would crush easily when you fold it? Solve your problem with our Pull down organizer.

Pull Out Organizer

Make your life easier with our space-saving gadgets to use in wardrobes or anywhere.


If you have an existing closet and want to have these accessories, come and see us and let our experts help you. Visit your nearest TFP Closet showroom at Eau Coulee

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Benefits of our Closet Accessories

Nano Spray Plating:

As you know, corrosion is one of the biggest enemies of metal. With nano technology coating, our accessories durability is enhanced.

Easy to clean:

Our accessories are Nano-coated and do not easily accumulate dirt, moreover a quick rinse using a soft, damp sponge and clean water should already do the trick.

Quality & Durability:

Our products are internationally tested and guarantee that it will last for a very long time.