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Eldorado Multi-Use Closet



  • The Eldorado Multi-use closet combines very well with any environment
  • The shelf is versatile and will fill your bedroom and closet with charm, accommodating your clothes with great practicality
  • There are two spacious drawers, a shelf and a hanger to hang clothes
  • It is elegant and functional

Material: Medium Density Fibre Board
Delivery: 7-10 days (*T&C Applies*)
Country of origin: Brazil
Product code: 21599
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The Eldorado Multipurpose Cabinet is 100% made of Medium-density Particle Board. When it comes to organization, the Eldorado shelf will always be the best option, because it combines very well with any environment. Additionally,  its design adds value to the decor.

Close Up


100% MDP

The closet is 100% MDP with BP finish making it resistant and beautiful



The drawers are spacious enough to store all things you want out of sight and they are fitted with telescopic slides which make for smoother opening and closing of the drawers



The closet is fitted with a rail which allows you to hang clothes




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